It has been 20 years since The Castiron participated for the first time in the sport auto DriftChallenge 2000 in Hockenheim, with the vehicle mentioned in blogpost 205, the fairly light Ford Sierra – at that time a quite well prepared (especially also concerning safety devices, such as a rollover bar and something more) two-seater for mainly competition use.  

Drift contests and the DriftChallenge in German-speaking Europe were still in the early stages. Most of the time, an enthusiastic crowd and stunning incidents were part of these contests. Today’s video shows an excerpt of many spectacular faulty performances – The Castiron added one more: a rollover, annoying and needless.

Toughened by many experiences at the limit with rear-wheel driven cars (especially as racing driver and instructor), The Castiron can be named as one of the pioneers in this field – hence probably a little bit too self-confident on this occasion? Location: the „Sachskurve“ at the Hockenheim racetrack.  

First heat, quite a good drift and then at the end of the bend the silly idea to prolong the show in the grass (as some other drivers did before, too). Regrettably, a place with new turf, watered a short time before (awareness of these facts after getting out of the car) work against a happy end! The car digs with the right wheels, the left side comes up, The Castiron realizes: the vehicle does not get back on the wheels, confidence in the rollover bar is imperative.

The outcome: car on the roof, engine switched off immediately, safety belt released, The Castiron uninjured, gained another experience – and frenetic standing ovations from the crowd (thousands of fans). Overall an event with a number of incidents, in particular trips into the gravel – most of them without noteworthy consequences.  

Conclusion: a brainless rookie mistake, embarrassing! The Castiron had to recognize once again: you live and learn. And: today’s video offers a good opportunity for a broad failure analysis – one can learn from own mistakes and from those of others. Keep on track!

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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PS   Caution: a car lying on its roof demands an immediate engine switch-off (because the oil is not any more where it should be). Then a waiting period up to several days is absolutely mandatory, before starting the engine again (because some engine oil got in the combustion chambers and has to drain completely back into the oil pan – it takes time); ignoring these facts may cause serious engine damages!  

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