It has now been 4 years since The Castiron published his very first blogpost. Today just some basic thoughts in brief. And again, it is a good time to say thanks to everybody!

Grandfather, racing driver, instructor, pastor – all in one, one in all. The focus: sharing many things from many years and actual ones, with you! As life is, with daily business in different realms and topics. Often the question is being pilot or passenger. On the track, on the road, in daily life overall – who or what determines?

Or, in other words: to drive or be driven, challenges, challenges, challenges – you are faced with, again and again. Normally, being pilot pleases us, being passenger sometimes, too – when self-chosen; if not, often an accident or an illness (for instance) makes you a passenger. Then sometimes it gets tough. 

As mentioned: just some thoughts in brief! When you think, you have it in your hand, you can decide whether you are pilot or passenger – it is not so hard, sometimes even quite easy. When you are forced to be passenger – sometimes it can be very hard; probably it is a good occasion to give some thoughts about all this based on the pastor’s view – please see recommendation.

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

Recommendation:       http://thecastiron.ch/en/pastor.html

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