Last year, the last day in August, Saturday. It was the weekend of the F1 Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps, including the Formula 2 race. Anthoine Hubert (22nd September 1996 – 31st August 2019) was killed in an accident, Juan Manuel Correa was very seriously injured. This day does not exist in the life of The Castiron; after a heart surgery the day before (with the risk of a cardic arrest), he was in a hospital bed in the intensive care, without consciousness till Sunday.

About a half year later, The Castiron was almost completely back to life; back on skis and in March back on track, in Hockenheim, with Eleanor V, his Ford Mustang. Also the pastor’s view has to be mentioned – just in brief: it is grace, thank God!

Juan Manual Correa had, and still has, a longer and harder way to recovery. His life was hanging on a thread of silk for quite a long time and many doctors fought for his life, and to preserve his right leg, too (www.motorsport.com; Juan Manual Correa: „Basically the doctor’s rebuilt my right leg, the left suffered much milder injuries ...“).

On a completely different subject. The coronavirus pandemic also falls into this time span. Common to all this is however: it does not take a year for things to change dramatically, be it because of an accident, an illness or even a pandemic.

The bigger questions are not easy to answer. Transient was the subject of blogpost 194 and blogpost 141 included in a minister’s quotation during a racing driver’s funeral service: „Où il y a le risque, il y a la mort – où  il n’y a pas de risque, il n’y a pas de vie“ (French; translated into English: Where there is a risk, there is the death – where there is no risk, there is no life).

See you next Friday.   -   God bless you, all the best!   The Castiron

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